MJ Day

June 29, 2009

it’s been a couple days since MJ was taken from us, and even more since I posted a tune. 

To remedy this, Ill post   this 

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1981 Demo, recorded at home) 





June 25, 2009

i havent been on the internet in a while, summer break is making me lazy

im not even posting a tune, im going to bed.

hi and bye

Kuz I’m. . .

June 19, 2009

T N T  – it’s dyno-mite

seriously, this shit is amazing

Fakerich.com – TNT Dubstep Mix


June 17, 2009

I’ve been importing all of my CD’s to itunes to “digitize” all my compact disks and then maybe sell them or something, 

I was going to put up an H20 song and searched for it on playlist.com so I could be a bastard and hot link it so I wouldn’t have to try and upload it. instead i found this. . i dont know where it came from, but its awesome, and pretty fitting since I was playing mario 3 last night. 

H20 Project – We Play Mario Bros

Lazer Sunday

June 14, 2009

Reggie and the Full Effect – Gettin By with it’s

I’ve been listening to these guys sice. . . before y2k, and they just came up on my itunes, i had almost forgotten about them. 

they’re awesome. 

Reggie and the Full Effect on Vagrant

more problems with my cox . . .

June 12, 2009

my internet sucks soooo bad, worst upload speeds ever. I even canceled my TV account so only the internet would be on the line coming into the apartment. . still sucks

here is a link to something fun to listen to


Track List:

DJ Shadow – Organdonor

Alphawezen – En Passaant

Ratatat – Track 6

Wiley – Summertime (crookers)

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

Little Boots – Meddle (Joker)

Armand Van Helden – I want your soul (Fake Blood)

Like Woah! – Oh I like (Whitenoise)

Boys Noize – Feel Good TV Off

Feist – Sealion (Chromeo)

Nonewyork – Cocaine Bassline




June 8, 2009

im behind. 

does it count if we’re too busy making music to post music?