up to date

so i got in on this little blog a little bit late as we all know, but that doesnt mean i was late on burritober. now that im here and good let me get you up to date on some of the more memorable burritos i have had thus far. of course there is del taco, some taco bell, and chipotle, always. I have had to branch out and try new burritos. .  we had some super cucas up here in I V.  I usually get the fish sandwich at wahoos, but since its burritober I have obviously opted for the classic fish burrito, and i have to say, so far that one is on top, right up there with the california burrito from Cucas. For lunch the other day my mom and sister wanted to go to applebees, this was before we came to the conclusion that “wraps” were considered “acceptable.” I had to sneak a burrito from Super Mex into applebees, and it was pretty damn good.  Photo documentation so far:


carnitas burrito snuck into applebees


end of lobster burrito at Rubios


fish burritos from wahoos: 2 different days

and again i made a burrito out of a hot pocket, the first one was a ham and cheese, the second one was a mexican style chicken fa-yeetah,  i cut that one up, and the picture isnt working. whatever


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