boo! -rito . . ber!

so its halloween. the last day of burritober. ive been away from the computer for a bit and its time for another post to catch you up. .  on whats been going down.

Taylor and I have been in the same . . county all week long, which doesnt usually happen since i live somewhere else. 

Together we have had burritos, every meal, every day.

Yesterday i watched him make a burrito out of a microwave dinner. . . we’re getting desperate. yikes. 

Along with that we have had, wahoos, del. . obviously, a trip or two to el chicken loco, some new place i had never been to, where they put pineapples in my shrimp burrito, along with some other home made meals that dont usually involve a tortilla. .

and here are the pictures i have for ya.


lets start with a regular ol’ del breakfast burrito. . . put the hashbrowns INSIDE it for an added treat


shrimp and pineapple burrito


taylor preparing to eat/murder his burrito


taylor at work. . this is either del or . . maybe wahoos.


my wahoos fish. . mmmm


then, i came home one day and my sister had made some chicken and noodles with garlic and mini trees. . she said i could have what she didnt eat.. . so it got turned into a burrito.. obviously.



i just finished a del veggie works burrito my mom brought me, if you add the french fries inside it, its pretty damn good.


thats that for now. tonight is free chipotle after 6 if you dress up like a burrito for halloween, (aka wrap yourself in tin foil)   that is going to be our celebration as the last day of burritober. if you want to come, get at us.

look out for the final post and summary for the month of burritober and the new party for november. it  will be a blast.


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