New People November aka New_Vember

November 4, 2008

Yea. so. we’re a few days late. getting over burritos took some time.

It has it has been decided, in dismay to some people and, thumbs up from others that November will be “New People November” or “New-Vember” 

Plan is, introduce yourself to someone new every day for the rest of the month. It can be at work, at school, at the post office, in the adult book store, at the gas station, literally anywhere you feel like it.

Dont Just say “hi my name is. . . ” and walk away. The tricky part is to get them to tell you something about themselves you can write about. Maybe even have a conversation.

My idea was to get them to write down their name, the date, and a little something about themselves in a little notebook i have, that way i can scan it in, and write about it.

Another idea was to take a polaroid of them and have them write on the bottom of that, if those damn things werent so expensive i would be into it. If i can get some for cheap maybe ill do that.  

maybe get a biz card from whoever you talk to. snag their email address so you can send them a link here to the blog. However you want to do it, do it, and send it in.   if you think you are trustworthy enough and would like to get in on this and be able to post up here, let us know.  just dont drop out halfway through.

check back to see who I meet tomorrow.


– Josh

ps. Taylor is slacking on posting. . . someone yell at him for me.


Burritober – the end of a good thing?

November 2, 2008


Well burritober is finally over and I know this post comes a couple days late, but Taylor and I have been busy celebrating by eating things OTHER THAN BURRITOS! 

Nov 1st 2008, after all our halloween excitement, (we ended up not doing the free chipotle burritos. . not enough time, and we were over burritos 100% by then)  we took a run down to Harbor House in sunset beach (  its open 24/7/365

i got the . . CALIFORNIA OMELETTE: Stuffed with Turkey, Bacon, Avocado and Cheese.   if i can remember correctly, i started crying after the first bite. .


Taylor got the . . VEGGIE BURGER ON WHOLE WHEAT BUN: Lite and Health Vegetarian Patty  +add avacado.  another good choice.



So now for the wrap-up  (no tortilla pun intended)

As stupid as this sounds, I’ve learned a lot from burritober.  A lot of things about myself, friends, commitments, relationships, who has what kind of burritos and how they all compare in price/taste/time to go get   etc. .. . and how to make a burrito out of just about anything.

at the start of all this it seemed like a joke, “yea man lets eat burritos every meal, every day, for a month”  we all like burritos, so,  simple enough right?   yea, thats what we thought. I came to notice i only eat at a small amount of “burrito joints” as they have come to be called. This made me think “outside the bun” – ha, to get creative and try new things. I went new places i never would have tried. It was only burritos, simple stuff, but after a couple weeks, eating at the same places got old. i know what i like, i stick to my defaults, and this was rough to go out there and do something different. As easy as getting a veggie burrito at del instead of a chicken buttito. I would have never done that normally, but some things have to be changed so that we can move on.

on relationships:     my most memorable relationship experience with burritober is when my mom and sister and i went to lunch together. before the “wraps count” rule was in, i had to “sneak” a burrito into applebees to have lunch with my family. we all have a good relationship so they were down with it and kind of laughed it off.  The people it was hard with were the ones who didnt get what burritober was all about, or just didnt care and thought it was dumb. Even deciding where to eat was a struggle sometimes, when one or two people in the group HAVE to eat burritos and the rest want chinese food it gets pretty hard for everyone to stay happy. . and friendly to eachother.   (however, my panda-rito was damn good)

some things about commitments:     when this whole thing started i think i can recall 4? 5?. . maybe 6 people who said they were “down” to do this. After a week or two there were a couple that took the “burrito a day” cop-out. . and some were just out all together.  in the end, one month later, still standing strong,  there are TWO of us on here, eating burritos, and sharing it with you.    Yea, youre right, eating burritos every meal. . .  isnt that big of a deal, in fact, its kind of stupid. From a health standpoint i can see it being a bad idea, but thats not the point.  We made a commitment to eachother, and ourselves.  I still believe a man is only as good as his word, so if you say something, and back out, thats just not a good way to go.   ill admit that ive done that, and especially after this. . im going to work a lot harder on being a better person,friend,brother,son,student. bla bla bla. 


check back soon for when we decide what november will be, were kind of late but i think  “new people november” is the top choice. . . we’ll see


maybe this last post wasnt as much of a  “grand finale” as you would have liked. im sorry for that, but before burrtober is all the way done i will say one last thing.

do something different, it doesnt even have to be something big –  tie your shoes “bunny ears” if you dont normally, try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, take a different route to work, put on a different radio station, go somewhere NEW for lunch, turn the A/C off and open the windows instead, get out of that rut you know youre in and LIVE a little.  . .