New People November aka New_Vember

Yea. so. we’re a few days late. getting over burritos took some time.

It has it has been decided, in dismay to some people and, thumbs up from others that November will be “New People November” or “New-Vember” 

Plan is, introduce yourself to someone new every day for the rest of the month. It can be at work, at school, at the post office, in the adult book store, at the gas station, literally anywhere you feel like it.

Dont Just say “hi my name is. . . ” and walk away. The tricky part is to get them to tell you something about themselves you can write about. Maybe even have a conversation.

My idea was to get them to write down their name, the date, and a little something about themselves in a little notebook i have, that way i can scan it in, and write about it.

Another idea was to take a polaroid of them and have them write on the bottom of that, if those damn things werent so expensive i would be into it. If i can get some for cheap maybe ill do that.  

maybe get a biz card from whoever you talk to. snag their email address so you can send them a link here to the blog. However you want to do it, do it, and send it in.   if you think you are trustworthy enough and would like to get in on this and be able to post up here, let us know.  just dont drop out halfway through.

check back to see who I meet tomorrow.


– Josh

ps. Taylor is slacking on posting. . . someone yell at him for me.

2 Responses to New People November aka New_Vember

  1. Met says:

    This was such a crazy, but nice idea! Too bad there were no actual additional posts, I did enjoy burritober though. I still hope you did go out there and meet lots of new people last month. I don’t know if you know him, but you remind me of Danny Wallace (an English writer/presenter/king of the smallest country in the world) sets himself unusual goals too. For instance, he once decided he’d say YES to ANYBODY that asked him a question and crazy, sweet, moving, scary things followed. Anyway thanks for the fun times and the somewhat odd burrito filling ideas.


  2. taco hellion says:

    good job guys, good job. this lasted a whole 2 months. well, maybe 5 weeks. making a difference in everyone’s lives for sure.

    i know it changed mine.

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