April 15, 2009

josh, i concur. although there may not be 100’s of people reading this blog anymore, we never really did it for anyone else but ourselves. i maintain that we continue that. with or without the help of our readers (if there are any left) we will be coming back into style in May with some fun action that you can take a look at.



April 14, 2009

wow. we suck. period.

I feel like I let myself down, as well as anyone else who cared about this blog thing.  just goes to show you about what kind of “commitment” we had

well, heres the deal, because I/we feel like a looser/losers,  we’re starting over/trying again.

I know we can do it if we just try, its NOT that hard (neither is spelling, but I gave up on that years ago)

May 1st 2009   30 days will be back on track, but, we need your help.

anyone have any ideas we can commit to for 30 days?

burritober  was #1 and it was HARD.   new people november lasted for about 5 days and zero posts.

we have been thinking Picture a Day May, cell phone cameras make it easy enough to take a fun photo a day, maybe too easy?

give us some feedback. . .

also, we’re working on a new art project/website and further information will be released via Official Press Release as soon as we have enough press to release.



New People November aka New_Vember

November 4, 2008

Yea. so. we’re a few days late. getting over burritos took some time.

It has it has been decided, in dismay to some people and, thumbs up from others that November will be “New People November” or “New-Vember” 

Plan is, introduce yourself to someone new every day for the rest of the month. It can be at work, at school, at the post office, in the adult book store, at the gas station, literally anywhere you feel like it.

Dont Just say “hi my name is. . . ” and walk away. The tricky part is to get them to tell you something about themselves you can write about. Maybe even have a conversation.

My idea was to get them to write down their name, the date, and a little something about themselves in a little notebook i have, that way i can scan it in, and write about it.

Another idea was to take a polaroid of them and have them write on the bottom of that, if those damn things werent so expensive i would be into it. If i can get some for cheap maybe ill do that.  

maybe get a biz card from whoever you talk to. snag their email address so you can send them a link here to the blog. However you want to do it, do it, and send it in.   if you think you are trustworthy enough and would like to get in on this and be able to post up here, let us know.  just dont drop out halfway through.

check back to see who I meet tomorrow.


– Josh

ps. Taylor is slacking on posting. . . someone yell at him for me.