June 4, 2009

so this isnt really “new” but its always awesome

Designer Drugs – Zombies

Designer Drugs – Myspace

Designer Drugs – Definition


Sweet Dreams.

June 4, 2009

Man. With the help of MC LD, I came across this tune last night and almost hurt myself mashing to it in my living room.

Just listen.

Eurythymics – Sweet Dreams (2 Ninjas Dubstep Remix)


June 3, 2009

Instead of just giving you free music with my suggestion, Im gong to try and add a link to the artist if I can find one.

Alphawezen – Me_Optimized

the notwist.

June 3, 2009

i’m listening to the most recent album by The Notwist today. i’m in love.

The Notwist is a group who’s 2 main members are brothers. They started off in the late 80’s as a grunge metal band and have totally done and about face and now make some of the most mellow and amazing music i’ve heard. Their 2nd to last album, Neon Golden, was a favorite of mine for years. They’ve collaborated with some Anticon artists for a project called 13&God, which is just as amazing.

I love the line in this song, “i will never beat you up for being that off.” LOVE IT.

Check out this tune off the album “The Devil, You + Me”:

The Notwist – On Planet Off


June 2, 2009

dear josh, thanks for heading this up. may was a rough month. we missed a few days but more importantly we took a lot of dope photos. it really pushed me to find something new to look at every day and i’m really excited about new tune june. this will make me listen to new tracks that i have and force me to share it all with you!

right now, i’m rocking 55.18g of music, so i think we can say with assurance that i will have plenty for everyone to listen to.

starting off, i just want to drop a classic. this dude from the UK, Burial, makes some of the most thoughtful and introspective tunes i’ve ever heard. it’s all instrumental but as each track begins and ends, you don’t even notice the lack of a lead vocalist. peep it:

Burial – Archangel

Tune in

June 2, 2009

To start off, my main taste in music is somewhere in the  electro/dubstep/hiphop/80’s/new wave/dance/jazz/classic/punk/ range . . if that makes any sense. . . prob not, oh well.

for my first tune, i will suggest. 

Dangerdoom – Vats of Urine

available for listen and download.

holy shit

June 2, 2009

hole-E shit. we. did. . . it. . 

well, kind of. we missed a few days here and there, but for the most part i think we did pretty good. anyone agree?

i realized i hadnt posted in a little bit because of the email photo upload thing so i came on and then noticed it was JUNE FIRST. . which means we do something new

without Taylors approval, i name this month NEW TUNE JUNE. and i will be doing one of three things.

1) adding a song for download to share with you. . however many of you actually look at this blogggggg

2)suggesting a new song/band/artist whatever so that you have to actually do some work on your own

3) downloading/listening to a new song i have never heard before and sharing my thoughts with you

and because its 12:30am on june 2nd (even though the date and time on this blog here always something different, see attached photo) Picture 12 

that means we are behind already, crap

.Picture 11. . to help out. . thats what my itunes says. . i have stuff on there i have never even listened to, which i will now  listen to, and possibly post up here for you.


enough rambling, check back for updates.